Lightning Protection


  Contact Brock Bishop today for your FREE estimate.  You will understand why Counterstrike Lightning Protection the best in Oklahoma when it comes to offering you a quality lightning protection system. Don't forget to ask about surge protection, and keep all of your electronics safe. Remember, when it comes to protecting your home or business, call Counterstrike Lightning Protection. Protecting your way of life. Serving Oklahoma and the surrounding states. 

                                                                             Services Offered

Design:  Residential, Commercial, or Industrial.  Our design team will work with you to design the perfect lightning protection system for your needs. We complete every project either meeting or exceeding customer expectations. We understand that our system is there to protect your family or business. All of our projects meet all requirements of UL 96A, NFPA 780, and LPI 175.

Concealed:  A lightning protection system where cable is ran throughout the attic, concealed behind the walls, brick, etc.. The air terminals (Lightning Rods) are the only material that are visible.

Exposed:     A lightning protection system that is ran on top of the roof exposed, but in the most inconspicuous places as possible. Usually used if not able to be concealed in the attic.

Plans:  You will receive a detailed set of plans (drawn in AutoCAD) showing your concealed or exposed system explaining where the lightning protection system will be placed-ex. cable, air terminals, down-leads, ground rods, etc. So if you were to ever add on to your facility, you would know exactly where our materials are placed.

Installation:  Quick, clean, honest, professional installation. We understand your time is valuable. Each facility is different so days for installs may vary.

Repair:  We can repair or replace an existing system with a quality Counterstrike Lightning Protection System.

Surge Protection:  Our trained technicians can install quality surge protection on your home or TVSS on your commercial building.

Quality Products:  We install only UL listed materials. Copper or aluminum.

Inspection: All our lightning protection systems meet or exceed industry standards and can be inspected by L.P.I. and may receive a  Master Label or Letter of Findings from from UL: *Note: In order to receive a UL Master Label, you must have transient voltage surge suppressors (T.V.S.S.) designed for application on various conductor configured systems including single and paired conductors, coaxial; and for protocols such as 4-20 mA loop, Ethernet, CAT 6, RS 485 and 232, Fieldbus Foundation and many others. 

                                              Lightning Protection

The sole purpose of a lightning protection system is to intercept a lightning strike and direct it to the ground, keeping your property and loved ones safe. Don't be a victim of nature's wrath. Let our design team create a lightning protection system that is perfect for your home or business. Protection that counts, when you need it the most. At Counterstrike Lightning Protection, we value your family’s safety.        
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