Lightning Protection


Lightning F.A.Q's

  Q: What causes lightning?

A: Lightning originates around 15,000 to 25,000 feet above sea level when raindrops are carried upward until some of them convert to ice. For reasons that are not widely agreed upon, a cloud-to-ground lightning flash originates in this mixed water and ice region. The charge then moves downward in 50-yard sections called step leaders.
It keeps moving toward the ground in these steps and produces a channel along which charge is deposited. Eventually, it encounters something on the ground that is a good connection. The circuit is complete at that time. The charge is lowered from cloud to ground. The flow of charge (current) produces a luminosity that is very much brighter than the part that came down. This entire event usually takes less than half a second.

  Q: Do insurance companies offer savings on a homeowner's policy for investing in a lightning protection system?
A: Most insurance companies offer some type of savings. However, while an initial lightning damage claim is paid, most insurance companies will not pay additional claims and will often not renew a policy unless an Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. approved lightning protection system is installed.

 Q. Do lightning rods attract lightning?
A. No. Lightning rods do not attract lightning. They simply create a path of low resistence to the ground facilitating a harmless discharge into the earth.

 Q. Don't the trees protect our home?
A. No! Many times after trees are struck, the lightning can side-flash to the house.

  Q. Will lightning rods ruin the aesthetics of our home?
A. No. Traditional glass balls and other ornaments are not necessary. The modern, inconspicuous lightning rod system can be installed to blend in with the structure on which
it is located, making it practically invisible from the ground. The system can be installed during construction or on existing homes hidden on the back side or painted to match the roof and walls.

  Q: Do I need a surge protector in addition to a lightning protection system?
A: Yes, surge protection protects all power in the house or building from transient disturbances. It is installed at the main power distribution panel to protect your electronic equipment.

Counterstrike Lightning Protection

If you are looking for a Concealed or Exposed system, Copper or Aluminum we can get the job done. Let us show you how lightning protection can work for your home or business. Protection that counts, when you need it the most. At Counterstrike Lightning Protection, we value your family‚Äôs safety.  We have been in business since 2000 and install only high quality lightning protection systems on your home or business.  Call Brock at (405) 863-8480 today and find out why we are number one in Oklahoma for all your lightning protection needs.

                                                    Surge Protection

Be sure to ask about surge protection and make sure all of your electronics are protected. We can professionally install a surge protector, thus protecting your computer and electronics.

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